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The Cancer problem

ENGL 135: Advanced Composition

Professor November 25, 2020

My draft is talking about cancer problems and how occupation, diet, smoking causes it. It also talks about how a person can reduce these Causes in order to protect himself from this disease. The general state of my paper is, I have completed analyzing the problem and provided one solution and a call of action. Please review my draft and be brutally honest on areas I need to improve on. Thank you.



The environment that we live in influences the chances of getting cancer. Research has revealed that a significant percentage of cancer mortality worldwide is due to environmental factors. From the biomedical perspective, the environment is the totality of factors that are present out of the human body but interacts with elements of the human body to increase risks resulting from cancer (Perera, F. P, 1997). Many studies of incidents in parts of the world have acknowledged the following factors as the primary causative of cancer: diet, tobacco, and physical activities. There has been a rise in the types of cancer that were mainly observed in the developed world are now occurring in the developing world. These cancers include; colon, breast, and lung cancer. In this study, I will try to explain the cancer problem and its causes. I will also analyze what a person needs to do to protect himself from this deadly disease.

The problem

In this section, we shall look at occupation, diet, and smoking since they are major factors that influence cancer disease. These factors influence the type of carcinogens that an individual is exposed to. Carcinogens fall in physical, biological, and chemical. Physical carcinogens include radiation such as UV light. Biologic carcinogen includes viruses such as human papillomavirus. The chemical carcinogens incorporate heavy metals and fibers such as arsenic, asbestos, benzene, and beryllium. It is empirically true that some work environment has more carcinogen exposure than others do. For instance, in the 1900s, some 500 workers were tasked to apply radium-containing paint, where it was later noted that due to this exposure, they had borne cancer (Mendelsohn, J, 2008). These are environmental causative due to occupation. Benzidine in some dyes and cadmium found in soils and water causes cancer, and one may be exposed to it as they carry out their economic activities.

Diet as causative is attributed to the chemical and overall energy constituents in dietaries. For instance, overweight and obesity have been registered to cause 14- 30% of cancer deaths (Mendelsohn, J, 2008). Obesity and overweight have been rampant in the developed world where it has increased a variety of cancers such as colon, liver, oesophagus, and kidney. Some social issues, such as illiteracy, stress, depression, have been found to cause people to too much and not exercising sufficiently. These social factors cause obesity, which in turn lead to high chances of cancer. Additionally, drinking arsenic-contaminated water in China, Bangladesh, and India where it occurs in large quantities in the inorganic and arsenate of the earth’s crust exposed people to risks of cancer. For instance, lung, urinary bladder, and kidney cancers.

Oesophageal, lung, nasal cavity, uterine, bladder, oral cancer, and pancreatic cancers are attributed to tobacco smoking. Lung cancer risks are mainly due to tobacco smoking. For instance, around 90% of lung cancers are due to tobacco smoking. It has been noted that those people who started smoking at a young age and continue to their advanced age will have a very high probability of getting cancer. The elements such as benzene in cigarettes is the key agent of cancer. For instance, in Hungary where citizens highly abused tobacco, lung cancer is very high, this makes the person living in Hungary to be at a higher risk of getting cancer than other regions where smoking is prohibited or not so rampant. However, Hungary has started enforcing legislation to reduce its intake by, for instance, prohibiting smoking in persons below the age of 18 years.

 The solution

To curb the issues of Occupation, diet, smoking as causes of Cancer, early detection is one solution that should be done to identify risks and come up with interventions applicable to each situation.

Being one of the leading causes of death in the world in accordance to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics which estimated 9.6 million deaths were from cancer in 2008, my call of action would be people should be careful with what they consume and make right career choices that are not harmful to their bodies.


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